Jennifer Hayes

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Above: Current Collection 1-6, acrylic on canvas, 42 x 42″ each

Passion is what drives Jennifer Hayes’ creative work. The pieces at The Current Iowa were commissioned for the hotel using our colors and underwater/sea life themes.  These works solidify the bond between The Current Iowa and the current of the Mississippi River. Bright, bold colors dominate both her figurative and abstract paintings. Her works are a celebration of texture, color, and curves. Hayes’ signature style is achieved by applying vibrant colors with a palette knife in a thick application. Painting Live is her specialty; her studio is located in St. Louis.

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Fun Fact: Celebrity Chef Hubert Keller has embraced her work, featuring her paintings in his restaurants in Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, and San Francisco.

Michael Bauermeister

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Above: Clear Water, carved wood, tinted lacquers, 62 x 31″

Michael Bauermeister works out of his art studio in Augusta, Missouri. Clear Water is a wood carving in which he used tinted lacquers to achieve the layered, watery effect. The lengthly process of carving each individual wave and pebble from one solid piece of wood, coupled with the labor of many thin layers of lacquer, embodies a tranquil yet hard-earned peace. The imagery within was drawn from waves subtly lapping against a shoreline, which is a place of deep peace for Bauermeister. The act of carving and working towards an inner peace strongly resembles the process of mandala creation and meditation. With Bauermeister, he emphasizes that wood has become his voice and his language for contemplation. Check out more of Bauermeister’s wooden creations at his website below.

Fun Fact: Michael Bauermeister has his work in many prestigious collections, including, but not limited to, the Smithsonian Renwick Gallery in Washington D.C., the Boston Museum of Art, and the Art in Embassies program for the U.S. State Department. 

Matthew Kluber

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Above: still from Friday I’m In Love, alkyd on aluminum with projections, 96 x 44″

Matthew Kluber, another of The Current’s featured Midwestern artists, is currently residing in Iowa City.  Within his work, Kluber investigates the intersection of painting and digital technology, with a keen interest in the overlap of the physical world (traditional media) and the virtual world (new media). At this intersection, the ephemeral, unbound space of digital video is linked, by means of projection, to the fixed object of a painting.  The painting thus becomes colorfully illuminated via coded content. With the addition of the element of time, a hybrid pictorial space has been constructed. Friday I’m in Love encompasses concepts such as old vs. new and solid vs. transient. Kluber accomplishes this dualism by utilizing an alkyd on aluminum painting with digital video art projections. To see more of Kluber’s intriguing work, feel free to follow the link below!

Fun Fact: Kluber’s work is inspired by his interest in the historic changes brought about in art by the social and cultural upheavals and rapid developments in science and technology in the 1960’s and 70’s. These changes compelled a new generation of artists to address emotional disengagement, formal rigor, and anonymity of authorship in order to escape the artistic style that had then reached its height of influence: Abstract Expressionism.

Lindsay Wanner

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Above: United Skates of America, mixed media on wood, 49.5 28.5″

Lindsay Wanner began her venture into art-making by creating American flags from baseballs and baseball bats. The up-cycling element to her work allows her to create unique pieces that people cannot just buy in stores. United Skates of America is made out of authentic skateboard decks and wheels that embody “West Coast” vibes. Only two originals exist and The Current Iowa is lucky enough to have one! Although she has dabbled in many different types of art, she now specializes in works influenced by sports, music, and Americana. Her American flags represent different sects of the American public, while also drawing unmistakable parallels to the American flag paintings by Jasper Johns.  To find out what else from American culture Wanner has transformed into beautiful works of art, visit her website below!

Fun Fact: One of Lindsay Wanner’s pieces is hung in the home of Tony Orlando; next to his Congressional Medal of Honor and Entertainer of the Year awards.

Francis Schanberger

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Above: selection from the Burr Oak Acorn series, prints, each 26.75 x 26.75″

Francis Schanberger has a love of photography that began in the fourth grade. He eventually earned a Master of Fine Arts from Ohio State University in 2002. Through many years of experience, he has earned several awards for his work. The images above, taken from our collection, are excerpts from his Burr Oak Acorn series. This series involved a unique process in which Francis gathered burr acorns that exhibited strong anthropomorphic qualities. The series consists of burr acorns photographed in a classic portrait style, displaying the relationship Francis found between the acorns and human features. For more of this series, as well as Francis Schanberger’s other very interesting works, please check out his website at the link below:

Fun Fact: Anthropomorphism is frequently used as a device in art, literature, and film to convey the artist or authors message through a symbolic animal or object with human qualities.

Tim Jarosz

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Above left: Highrise #1, print on metal, 40 x 48″ // Above right: Train 1 & Train 2, prints on metal, 30 x 36″ each

Tim Jarosz is part photographer and part graphic designer. Due to living and working out of Logan Square in Chicago, much of his work depicts the urban landscape. Jarosz is the owner and director of Studio 312, a culturally modern print gallery and studio located in Chicago. Studio 312 is rooted in print-based photography, graphic design, illustration and street art. Along with selling his own artwork, Jarosz strives to be a collaborative printing resource for all artists, from emerging to established and local to international. The works pictured above are from our collection at The Current, and are digitally collaged images from the city printed onto sheets of aluminum. For more information on Jarosz and his Studio 312, check out his website at the link below!

Fun Fact: Tim Jarosz’s personal motto is to stay humble, hustle hard, and good things will come. Jarosz’s own career is evidence this motto rings true. 

Lori Granato

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Above left: Breakthrough II, acrylic on canvas, 60 x 60″ // Above right: Collision of Elements, acrylic on canvas, 48 x 24″

Lori Granato is local artist living and working in the Quad Cities. Granato starts her paintings with erratic yet controlled strokes and begins her abstract paintings without any intention of their completed composition. Her color choices and the initial brush strokes continue to form a more cohesive arrangement as she responds intuitively to the hues and patterns. Granato works quickly to avoid any conscious judgement, relying instead on her inner emotions and subconscious mind to direct her work. Two of her pieces, pictured above, are in our collection, but you can see more of her works in her gallery, LL Studios – located just a couple blocks away from The Current, or on her website! Follow the link below:

Fun Fact: Although the final pieces are an expression of Granato’s inner self, the themes of light versus darkness and of chaos versus harmony touch upon common points of experience intended to inspire an emotional response in viewers.