Gia Marie Houck

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Above from left to right: Ford // Chevy, prints on metal, each 36 x 24″

Gia Marie Houck began embracing her passion for photography in 2005, and has been artistically capturing the subtle intricacies of life and the world around us ever since. Houck is also a hospice worker, and there are undoubtedly connections between her daily life and the subjects she chooses for her photos. Her images capture quiet, often overlooked moments, and breathes new life into them. These Ford & Chevy trucks have long been forgotten, but now they live on in Houck’s photography. She is able to capture very interesting details while maintaining a sliver of context for the viewer to create their own narrative. To find out more about Gia Marie, and to see some more of her work, follow the link to her website below.

Fun Fact: Henry Ford and Thomas Edison were lifelong friends! Ford even kept an air-tight test tube of Edison’s final exhale as a memorial to Edison’s life and their friendship.