Clifton Henri


Above: Wings, print, 11.5 x 11.25″

Award-winning Chicago-based artist Clifton Henri has a story to tell. Henri’s influences include imagery from the Civil Rights Movement, the Harlem Renaissance, and artists such as fellow Chicagoan Kerry James Marshall. Cultural influences, personal anecdotes, and political commentary all converge within Henri’s photos. The artist considers these works as ‘stills from a film with an ever-evolving narrative’. Wings is a small but irreplaceable piece of this story; a young girl finding strength and confidence from her own reflection. 

To see more of Henri’s story, check out his website at, or follow his Instagram

Fun Fact: In 1839, the precursor to the modern day photograph was invented. Named for its inventor, the daguerrotype gained popularity in the 1850s, giving rise to the new profession of Photographer. One of the first documented professional daguerreotypists was Augustus Washington.

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Gold Leaf Design Group

The Current Iowa features several sculptures by the Chicago-based Gold Leaf Design Group. In our lobby, we proudly feature Heartthrob and the Love Bench collection. This corner of the lobby is the perfect backdrop for both group photos and selfies! In our pool, you can spot another Gold Leaf creation – a bright yellow duck!

Above: Love Benches & Heartthrob, fiberglass and marble // Duck, fiberglass

Gold Leaf creates a wide range of products – check out their online catalogue, or find them on Facebook!

Tim Jarosz

Screen Shot 2017-07-20 at 7.20.26 AM

Above left: Highrise #1, print on metal, 40 x 48″ // Above right: Train 1 & Train 2, prints on metal, 30 x 36″ each

Tim Jarosz is part photographer and part graphic designer. Due to living and working out of Logan Square in Chicago, much of his work depicts the urban landscape. Jarosz is the owner and director of Studio 312, a culturally modern print gallery and studio located in Chicago. Studio 312 is rooted in print-based photography, graphic design, illustration and street art. Along with selling his own artwork, Jarosz strives to be a collaborative printing resource for all artists, from emerging to established and local to international. The works pictured above are from our collection at The Current, and are digitally collaged images from the city printed onto sheets of aluminum. For more information on Jarosz and his Studio 312, check out his website at the link below!

Fun Fact: Tim Jarosz’s personal motto is to stay humble, hustle hard, and good things will come. Jarosz’s own career is evidence this motto rings true. 

Xavier Nuez

Screen Shot 2017-07-19 at 10.02.31 PM

Moonlight Serenade // Champagne Sunrise // Fortune Favors the Bold from his series Crystals. prints, each 46.5 x 62.5″

Xavier Nuez’s family is from Spain; he was born in Montreal, and lives in Chicago. His Crystal Series are extreme close-up photographs of chinaware that he has re-glazed and repainted. He selects places that already have designs on them (usually floral). He then applies a crackle glaze and vibrant, colored paints, which give them extraordinary textures and colors. They are less than an inch across and are extremely fragile due to the unusual process. The tiny designs break down and flake away just days later, but with care, Nuez’s photographs allow their brief but beautiful lives to be captured forever.

For more of this incredible series, or to purchase your very own prints, visit his website! The link is below.

Fun Fact: Xavier Nuez also has his work featured in numerous public and corporate collections including the Illinois State Museum, the University of Richmond Museum in Virginia, the Plains Art Museum in Fargo, North Dakota, The Norfolk Southern Collection, the Vicente Fox Center Library and Museum in Guanajuato, Mexico, as well as the private collections of Mr. Danny DeVito and Ms. Angela Lansbury!