Susan Haas

Above: from her Bubbles series, glass // from her Wave series, glass

Susan Haas creates visually and conceptually intriguing works of handblown glass. Her works primarily focus on water, movement, and aquatic elements. The focus on water and its characteristics is particularly interesting for glass works; sand is a vital ingredient for making glass, and sand is the result of water and weather processes breaking down quartz and other minerals. So the creation of the glass, then melting it down to a liquid state, creating a form that resembles liquid water, and hardening the glass back into a solid state is a process filled with conceptual connections. 

Susan Haas has a beautiful collection of her glass works featured on her website:

Fun Fact: Glass is technically always in a liquid state – the super-cooled particles move extremely slowly. Glass does not actually have a solid or gaseous state, so some refer to glass as existing in a ‘fourth state of matter’.