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We would like to welcome you to our hotel – and to the great state of Iowa! Our hotel is housed within the historic Putnam building. We proudly showcase local and regional art throughout the hotel, and each guest room is filled with unique works by midwestern artists! Every room has a piece of glass made by students of the local nonprofit group Hot Glass, a one-of-a-kind ceramic sculpture by Steve Jones, and a combination of original paintings and prints from many other regional artists.

The tag found in your room is one of many located throughout the hotel to guide you on your own independent tour of our art collection! If you’re interested in a guided, behind-the-scenes look, stop by the front desk to schedule a tour with a member of our creative team! Or, feel free to send an email to the team directly: thecurrentiowa.art@gmail.com

Explore below to find out more about the art in your room:

Steve Jones – ceramic animal sculptures

Fern Taylor – Tree paintings

Tim Jarosz – digitally collaged prints

Eric Sweet – prints of watercolor animal portraits

Nancy Purington – various aquatic prints

Jeff & Michelle Cobble – eagle portraits

Vanessa Sickles – suitcase prints

CutMaps – maps of Davenport

Samuel Kane – divided portraits

Jacki Olson – prints of an original monotype

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“Have fun exploring our duds and taking on the town!” – Bessie the Cow

Andy Cross


Above from top to bottom: 7 Apples, paint on canvas, 108 x 24.5″, Blue Cow, paint on canvas, 24 x 18″, Blue Pig, paint on canvas, 18 x 24″

Andy Cross is a very talented artist from St. Louis Missouri. We are fortunate enough to have several of Andy’s works in our collection: 7 Apples, Blue Cow, and Blue Pig. Andy also painted our ‘Welcome to Iowa’ sign in the lobby, and he assisted Nancy Spurlock (and local Quad Cities kids) with our mural! Andy’s 7 Apples can be seen interacting with fresh apples everyday in our lobby area – drawing comparisons to self referential art such as Renè Magritte’s The Treachery of ImagesBlue Cow and Blue Pig also nod to art history, but in this case to Picasso’s Blue Period

Magritte’s The Treachery of Images (or This is Not a Pipe), 1929. Magritte was a surrealist.
Picasso’s Death of Casagemas, 1901.  Argued to be one of the first paintings of Picasso’s Blue Period

Fun Fact: Andy Cross has spent over 20 years painting scenery for the Muny Opera in St. Louis, the Reperatory Opera of St. Louis, and the Opera Theater of St. Louis!