Xavier Nuez

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Moonlight Serenade // Champagne Sunrise // Fortune Favors the Bold from his series Crystals. prints, each 46.5 x 62.5″

Xavier Nuez’s family is from Spain; he was born in Montreal, and lives in Chicago. His Crystal Series are extreme close-up photographs of chinaware that he has re-glazed and repainted. He selects places that already have designs on them (usually floral). He then applies a crackle glaze and vibrant, colored paints, which give them extraordinary textures and colors. They are less than an inch across and are extremely fragile due to the unusual process. The tiny designs break down and flake away just days later, but with care, Nuez’s photographs allow their brief but beautiful lives to be captured forever.

For more of this incredible series, or to purchase your very own prints, visit his website! The link is below.


Fun Fact: Xavier Nuez also has his work featured in numerous public and corporate collections including the Illinois State Museum, the University of Richmond Museum in Virginia, the Plains Art Museum in Fargo, North Dakota, The Norfolk Southern Collection, the Vicente Fox Center Library and Museum in Guanajuato, Mexico, as well as the private collections of Mr. Danny DeVito and Ms. Angela Lansbury!


Eric Sweet

We have prints of three of Eric Sweet’s watercolors in some of our guest rooms:

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Above: Bird, Deer, Cow, all prints of watercolors on paper, 15.5 x 21.5″ each

Eric Sweet currently resides in Holly Springs, North Carolina. His personal relationship with the spirit of animals is the drive and force behind his work and sole motivation for his art. He has always felt a deep spiritual connection to animals. Nature, Sweet emphasizes, is the gateway to spiritual and emotional peace, and the animal world has been his vehicle. He paints the connections he feels, strengthening the relationships he seeks.

To purchase prints of his work, or to learn more about Eric’s career, follow the link below to his site!


Fun Fact: For Sweet, animals have always been a safe haven—gentle spirits that are in tune to the spiritual frequency we all yearn for.

Ted Collier


Above: Gold Circle, mixed media/metallic paints on canvas, 38.5 x 72″

We have two paintings by Collier in our collection. Gold Circle is an original piece, and Black Circle is a piece that was commissioned by our owners. In Black Circle, Collier adapted one of his preferred motifs-the circle-to include an allusion to the Mississippi river. This painting visualizes our sentiment at The Current that the river is a hub for creativity and life, and we showcase that midwestern ingenuity throughout our collection.


Above: Black Circle, mixed acrylic based paints on canvas, 71.5 x 96″

Ted Collier is a visual artist, collector, gallerist, entrepreneur, and philanthropist living and working in St. Louis, Missouri and Los Angeles, California. His abstract paintings range from bold and subtle—from monochromatic to vibrantly colorful. His most iconic works are his circles. Follow the link below to see more of Collier’s work!


Fun Fact: In addition to painting anywhere from 4 to 15 hours a day in his studio, Ted also owns an award-winning restaurant chain, Katie’s Pizza & Pasta Osteria with his wife, Katie. Of all the adventures of building a business and establishing himself as one of the most successful artists in the US, Ted finds giving back to the community the most rewarding. He supports the local art community, donating to organizations like St. Louis Art Works and the Children’s Hospital.


Rowen Schussheim-Anderson

We have several works by Rowen in our collection at The Current:

From left to right: Marrakesh Express, Peruvian Canvas, New Balance, all are mixed media tapestries, varying dimensions

Rown Schussheim-Anderson is a Quad Cities local, and has been pushing the boundaries of traditional tapestry weaving for over two decades. Schussheim-Anderson’s tapestries explore the power of textiles as bearers of meaning—thick embellished warps tangled and rich with the cultures she has been influenced by. One of her more recent focuses has been incorporating beads and beaded strands into her tapestries. Through her studies and vast travel abroad, she uses traditions from different cultures to accompany colors and techniques to inform these contemporary tapestries.

For more of Rowen’s work, check out her website below, or stop by the Figge museum right across the street from The Current!


Fun Fact: Rowen Schussheim-Anderson has been a Professor in the Department of Art at Augustana College in Rock Island, IL since 1982

Dee Schricker

Screen Shot 2017-07-20 at 7.17.12 AM

Above: Quad Cities Bridge, oil on canvas, 72 x 48″

Dee Schricker is an Iowa native living in Blue Grass. Schricker works in a variety of mediums including paint, clay, and fabric. The Quad Cities Bridge aims to capture the “ominous beauty” of the bridge. Her work is abstracted and surreal, giving free rein to the viewer’s imagination. Her mixed media creations interact with bold and exciting results. Her work is for sale at the Boho Fine Arts Gallery here in Davenport, just a couple blocks away from The Current Iowa!

Dee has more work available online on her website. Follow the link below!


Fun Fact: The present I-74 Bridge is in the works to be replaced. The new I-74 Bridge is the largest public works project in Iowa. The I-74 is an important crossing area is one of the highest traffic locations in the Quad Cities Metro area; carrying 77,000 vehicles per day.