Andre Tourette

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Left: Pure Elegance from his series The Kiss: Homage to Rodin, stainless steel


Andre Tourette is a sculptor who has lived all over the United States, but has found roots in the midwestern city of St. Louis. His background is working on naval ships and yachts as a metal welder, and also has experience in producing commercial products for businesses and architectural firms. Andre has been welding since he was 15 years old, and his passion has only grown stronger. Most of his creations are made using scraps from commercial commissions; Pure Elegance was made using a long continuous scrap of stainless steel, which Andre then etched, polished, and rolled to form. This specific work of art was part of a series of stainless steel sculptures made in reference to the sculptor Auguste Rodin, specifically Rodin’s The KissPure Elegance seems to defy gravity while defining two forms in a romantic embrace. The steel follows a natural ebb and flow, and the etching on the surface catches light in different ways as you move around the sculpture. 

Rodin’s The Kiss, 1882. Rodin is most famously know for his sculpture The Thinker.

Andre’s works can be seen in businesses and private collections across the country, but he also sells some of his work through his Etsy shop. Be sure to follow Andre The Sculptor on Facebook!

Fun Fact: Stainless steel is one of the most recycled materials on the planet! About 88% of the world’s steel is recycled, and 2 out of every 3 tons of stainless steel produced today was made from recycled steel!

Gold Leaf Design Group

The Current Iowa features several sculptures by the Chicago-based Gold Leaf Design Group. In our lobby, we proudly feature Heartthrob and the Love Bench collection. This corner of the lobby is the perfect backdrop for both group photos and selfies! In our pool, you can spot another Gold Leaf creation – a bright yellow duck!

Above: Love Benches & Heartthrob, fiberglass and marble // Duck, fiberglass

Gold Leaf creates a wide range of products – check out their online catalogue, or find them on Facebook!

Louis Gonzalez

Above: Olives, and Pepper, lacquered, painted, and carved wood

Louis Gonzalez was born in raised in Colombia, but currently lives and works in Florida. Louis’ process has been developed over years of experience. Every detail is considered throughout his process; from his selection of the wood, the drying of the wood (which can take years), and the carving, painting, and finishing of the sculptures. His Olives and Pepper sculptures are fun and vibrant additions to our Viva bar!

For commissions, or to find out more, check out his site here!

Fun Fact: Most of the wood used in Louis’ art comes from South Florida. Some of his favorite wood types are Oak, Mahogany, Wild Tamarind, and Black Mangrove.

Steve Jones

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Steve Jones is an artist based out of St. Louis, and is best known for his handmade ceramic dog sculptures. Here at The Current, every single guest room has its own unique Jones sculpture. Most of the animals are dogs, but there are some other animals such as cats, camels, elephants, and even a lion! These sculptures each have their own personality and personify various human traits. While their base medium is clay, some animals have porcelain dentures, wooden peg-legs, glass eyes, and other unique objects incorporated within the sculpture. Jones believes the whimsical and comical nature of these animals harken back to childhood exaggerations and daydreams, imbuing a nostalgic air to their presence.  To see Jones’ other works, or to purchase a pet of your own, follow the link below to his site!

Fun Fact: One way to support a ceramic model is called an armature. This is a framework for the basic shape of a model that the clay builds off of. In Jones’ works, he sometimes uses wooden sticks to help his figures have a sturdy base. 

Michael Bauermeister

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Above: Clear Water, carved wood, tinted lacquers, 62 x 31″

Michael Bauermeister works out of his art studio in Augusta, Missouri. Clear Water is a wood carving in which he used tinted lacquers to achieve the layered, watery effect. The lengthly process of carving each individual wave and pebble from one solid piece of wood, coupled with the labor of many thin layers of lacquer, embodies a tranquil yet hard-earned peace. The imagery within was drawn from waves subtly lapping against a shoreline, which is a place of deep peace for Bauermeister. The act of carving and working towards an inner peace strongly resembles the process of mandala creation and meditation. With Bauermeister, he emphasizes that wood has become his voice and his language for contemplation. Check out more of Bauermeister’s wooden creations at his website below.

Fun Fact: Michael Bauermeister has his work in many prestigious collections, including, but not limited to, the Smithsonian Renwick Gallery in Washington D.C., the Boston Museum of Art, and the Art in Embassies program for the U.S. State Department. 

Lindsay Wanner

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Above: United Skates of America, mixed media on wood, 49.5 28.5″

Lindsay Wanner began her venture into art-making by creating American flags from baseballs and baseball bats. The up-cycling element to her work allows her to create unique pieces that people cannot just buy in stores. United Skates of America is made out of authentic skateboard decks and wheels that embody “West Coast” vibes. Only two originals exist and The Current Iowa is lucky enough to have one! Although she has dabbled in many different types of art, she now specializes in works influenced by sports, music, and Americana. Her American flags represent different sects of the American public, while also drawing unmistakable parallels to the American flag paintings by Jasper Johns.  To find out what else from American culture Wanner has transformed into beautiful works of art, visit her website below!

Fun Fact: One of Lindsay Wanner’s pieces is hung in the home of Tony Orlando; next to his Congressional Medal of Honor and Entertainer of the Year awards.

Michael Meilahn

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These ears of corn are made of glass & bronze, and come to us from a Wisconsin artist and farmer named Michael Meilahn.

Michael Meilahn spent a year in the Peace Corp in Bolivia, earning a Masters in Art. After his studies, he returned home to farm and to build a glass/art studio. In time, the art imagery became a story about farming and farming demanded a more creative venue. His work has evolved into conceptual mixed media and installation configurations centered on the pop culture icon of an ear of corn representing eons of time, evolution, selective breeding, and survival of the fittest. Collections include Figge Art Museum, Corning Museum of Glass and Museum of Art and Design.

To see more of Michael’s work, or to contact him regarding purchases or commissions, check out his website! Link below:

Fun Fact: In the days of the early settlers to North America, corn was so valuable that it was used as money and traded for other products such as meat and furs.