Eli Helman

Top Left: Signpost #2, print of micro pen on paper, 18 x 22″ // Top Right: Bookshelf #8, print of micro pen on paper, 18 x 22″ // Above: Watching Tree, print of micro pen on paper, 38 x 26″

Eli Helman has won awards for his insanely detailed pen and ink drawings. These works are often influenced by his other passions, including nature, animals, and music. While some basic idea of the final product is formed prior to the start of a drawing, the majority of the patterns and delicate details are filled in spontaneously; this stream of consciousness style aids in the whimsical and musical nature of Eli’s works. Eli has dubbed his unique style ‘Maximalism’ – his extreme attention to detail and compositional balance results in an all-over drawing that is far from Minimalism. 

To purchase your own Eli Helman prints, check out his online store. For more, find Eli on Facebook!

Fun Fact: Wassily Kandinsky, one of Eli Helman’s influences, is widely regarded as the founder of pure abstract painting. Also influenced by the abstract nature of music, Kandinsky often referred to his abstract works as improvisations and compositions.

Untitled 1910 watercolor by Kandinsky, considered one of his first abstract works

Eric Sweet

We have prints of three of Eric Sweet’s watercolors in some of our guest rooms:

Screen Shot 2017-07-20 at 7.18.05 AM

Above: Bird, Deer, Cow, all prints of watercolors on paper, 15.5 x 21.5″ each

Eric Sweet currently resides in Holly Springs, North Carolina. His personal relationship with the spirit of animals is the drive and force behind his work and sole motivation for his art. He has always felt a deep spiritual connection to animals. Nature, Sweet emphasizes, is the gateway to spiritual and emotional peace, and the animal world has been his vehicle. He paints the connections he feels, strengthening the relationships he seeks.

To purchase prints of his work, or to learn more about Eric’s career, follow the link below to his site!


Fun Fact: For Sweet, animals have always been a safe haven—gentle spirits that are in tune to the spiritual frequency we all yearn for.